Dallas 1/2 Mile Cadillac V-Club Shootout

COMPETITION CLASSES FOR V-SERIES VEHICLES ONLY (these awards are in addition to the awards to be given by wannaGOFAST for their classes)

The following competition class is open to all Cadillac V-Club members. These are special awards to recognize the overall fastest Cadillac V-Club V-Series vehicles at the event.

  • Fastest ½ Mile Trap Speed – ATS-V Semi Stock Class
  • Fastest ½ Mile Trap Speed - CTS-V Semi Stock Class
  • Fastest ½ Mile Trap Speed – ATS-V Modified Class
  • Fastest ½ Mile Trap Speed - CTS-V Modified Class
  • Fastest ½ Mile Trap Speed – V-Series Top Gun Unlimited Class

CLASS RULES (Two divisions for each class as listed below, ATS-V and CTS-V)

These awards will be given separately for ATS-V and CTS-V vehicles.  V-Sport, XLR and STS-V vehicles will compete in the CTS-V division.

Semi Stock Class: OEM as delivered from factory,  no performance adders except for Cold Air Intakes (CAI), catback exhaust and a custom tune. No other modifications allowed and must have street tires or drag radials.  V-Sport OEM "non-modified" V6 turbo vehicles should compete in this class.
Any non-boosted Gen 1 CTS-V's and V-Sports should compete in this class.

Pro Modified Class: includes all "Semi Stock " classification specs plus one or more upgrades such as headers, downpipes, blow-off valve upgrades, upper/lower pulley upgrades, injector upgrades,
meth injection, ZL1 supercharger lid upgrade, heat exchanger upgrade, ported throttle body or 102mm throttle body, ported supercharger/snout,  cam, ported or upgraded heads but no other performance adders.  E-85/Flex Fuel conversions must run this class.  Suspension mods and drag radials and road racing tires allowed. 

Top Gun Unlimited Class: Open to all Cadillac V-Series vehicles but at a minimum, includes all "Stock and Semi-Modified" classification specs plus one or more upgrades such as a
forged LSA engine or any non LSA engine, racing fuel, Flex Fuel, nitrous, twin turbos (excluding ATS-V), upgraded non-OEM supercharger.

Special Cadillac V-Racing awards will be given to each class winner.  Drivers who own a V-Series vehicle must have RSVP'd via the Cadillac V-Club website in order to compete for these custom laser engraved 100% steel "V" award plaques. 

Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Can I register and compete in more than one class?

A: No. You must decide which class you are eligible to compete in.  If you have nitrous, a forged built engine or an after market supercharger (Kenne Bell, Magnuson, etc.) or a non-LSA engine, you must compete in the Top Gun Unlimited class even if you do not "spray".   You cannot compete multiple classes.