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Horseshoe Bay wannaGOFAST Event

07/15/2014 8:48 AM | Anonymous

The Texas V-Club had 10 members compete in the first annual wannaGOFAST Texas 1/2 Mile event at the fantastic Horseshoe Bay Resort.  Here's a list of the trap speeds achieved by each member:

Mike F. – 173.8
Dan B. – 163.7
Chris B. - 161.5
Arnold S. – 156.6
Brandon B. – 155.7
Chris C. – 155.3
Dustin C. – 154.4
Jay L. – 148.1
Sid L.– 147.6
Trey K. – 140.0

The V-Club also hosted dinner at the River City Grille in Marble Falls, Texas on Saturday evening for 42 V-Club members and their guests.  Food was excellent.

Sewell Performance provided breakfast and lunch daily as well as a couple of canopies to protect spectators during the heat of the day.  Thanks to everyone who attended and supported this event, especially to Sewell and Ken Batchelor Cadillac for their continued support of the Texas V-Club.

Click on images to view larger version of photos.   Additional photos from the event will be available for viewing in the Photo Gallery section of this website.


  • 08/07/2014 12:29 PM | Anonymous
    Just posted official video from the event. Unfortunately this will be the one and only Texas 1/2 Mile event to be held at the Horseshoe Bay venue as the Horseshoe Bay ownership decided to not host the event again.
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