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Texas V-Club Goes National in 2017

04/21/2017 12:15 PM | Anonymous
The V-Club was launched as a Texas corporation in Feburary, 2013.   V-Club, Inc. will remain our official business name and effective April 15 a dba was established as  Cadillac V-Club to replace the dba of Texas V-Club.  After 5 years of sustained membership growth and minimal attrition, the V-Club has now expanded its full membership offering to all Cadillac V-Series owners regardless of their residency.  Whether members reside in the continental USA or in another country, there are new levels and classes of membership.

There are now six national regions: Pacific Northwest, Pacific Southwest, North Central, South Central, Atlantic Northeast and the South Central region includes the Dallas/Fort Worth, Houston and Austin/San Antonio Chapters.  Additional Chapters Chapters will be "chartered" based on the population of V-Series owners in local areas and the availability of local sponsoring Cadillac dealers.  A minimum of 15 V-Series owners plus a minimum of 1 sponsoring Cadillac dealer is required before a new Chapter will be launched within a region.  In addition, each new Chapter nomination must include a recommended Chapter Director who is committed to serve as the leader and focal point for planning activities and events and recruitment of new members.

Each Region within the Cadillac V-Club will be managed by a Regional Director who will champion the growth of each region, collaborate with Chapter Directors and our regional sponsors.   Our mission has not changed and continues to be to build and foster the development of a non-traditional "car club" which exemplifies the world class quality and performance of the Cadillac V.

We are currently accepting applications for Regional Directors in each of our Regions. Click here to view the job description for Regional Directors.  If you are interested in a position and would like to apply, submit a Contact Request form and provide us a short abstract about yourself and explain why you would like to serve in the position. 

As members of the Cadillac V-Club you have joined a community of V owners who are committed to the Cadillac brand and love to share their experiences as proud owners of a ā€œVā€!  By expanding the organization nationally, we will continue to build a network of V-Series owners that will serve as an effective channel for Cadillac to leverage to bring more "V-Performance" awareness in the marketplace at the grassroots level.

As a V-Club member, we know you are proud to represent Cadillac and have designed new official apparel and caps so you can wear your Cadillac V-Club branded apparel with pride.  Since you drive a "V", you have already experienced the excitement and thrill that ownership brings.   With this expansion announcement and continued growth of the V-Club, each member will soon realize additional benefits and have access to a much larger network of V owners and sponsors who can help take your ownership experience to the next level.

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