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The Platinum sponsorship level is open to authorized GM Cadillac dealerships who are committed to inventory, sell, service and support V-Series vehicles and assign an V-Club Sales Advocate in addition to a V-Club Service Advisor and V-Club Technology Specialist who are knowledgeable of the V-Series models and will serve as primary focal points for the Cadillac V-Club members.  Each dealership makes a financial commitment to the success of the V-Club in their local sales area and will directly support a local Cadillac V-Club Chapter's activities and events.

Cadillac dealerships recognized as Platinum Sponsors are preferred dealers for sales, service and support and V-Club members are encouraged but not required to give their business to these dealers.  All Cadillac dealers who are interested in sponsoring the V-Club are required to submit an application for sponsorship which must be approved by both Cadillac HQs and the V-Club Board of Directors.

In return for the sponsorship, V-Club members are encouraged to become Advocates for the Cadillac dealers in their area, to refer their friends and send their business to those dealerships.

Platinum "Title" Sponsor


Platinum Cadillac V-Series Dealers

866-759-1186 - Austin, Texas

 Sewell Cadillac of Dallas

 Sewell Cadillac of Grapevine

 Sewell Cadillac of Houston

Ken Batchelor Cadillac of San Antonio

    Covert Cadillac of Austin

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