Welcome to the New Chapter Director for DFW!

09/22/2022 11:40 AM | Gene Hawks

We are pleased to announce a new Director for the Dallas/Fort Worth (DFW) Chapter...James Willis.

James Willis is known on instagram as WillisShow.

He was born and raised in Texas mainly in the Dallas Ft. Worth area although he has lived in both Houston and Colorado. He has two kids, a son whom will be 21 on Halloween this year and also a precious daughter that just turned 8 years old. Both are the love of his life.

James enjoys spending time with his kids in hunting, fishing, sports, traveling the world, and relaxing at the lake house in East Texas.

He and his son JD are car and truck enthusiasts in which his son does a new build on a new truck every few years and has won many many trophies. James has been a member of the V Club since June of 2019.  In 2015 he purchased a 2013 CTS-V Coupe Frost limited edition number 67 out of a 100.  He has actively participated in many DFW Chapter local events as well as regional and national events.  He competes in the Cadillac V-Racing Invitational each year at the Texas Motorplex and competed in 2021 North Texas Airstrip Attack event in Abilene, Texas.

This past August Dedicated Motorsports added some performance improvements and James stated he has only driven it 3 times before dropping it off at the paint and body shop (keeping the same color) and adding some carbon fiber goodies such as steering wheel, shifter, hood, and a lot of other carbon fiber inside and out.  We can't wait to see the latest round of improvements to this already awesome V-Coupe!