About Us

“To provide Cadillac V-Series owners with opportunities to connect with Cadillac Headquarters and Dealers via an organized community of like-minded V-Performance enthusiasts who have a desire to take their ownership experience to the next level. Members of the Cadillac V-Club are committed to the Cadillac brand and frequently share their experiences as proud owners of a “V” at localized events.  The Cadillac V-Club will continue to build a network of V-Series owners that will serve as an effective channel for Cadillac to leverage in order to bring more "V-Performance" awareness in the marketplace at the grassroots level.”

The Cadillac V-Club is a national organization that offers multiple levels or "classes" of membership.  Prospective members may choose a "Regional" or a "Local Chapter" membership.  If a prospective member does not own a Cadillac V-Series vehicle, an Ambassador or VIP level membership is available by special request for review and approval by our Board of Directors.

The Cadillac V-Club is comprised of 6 regions across the USA and is now based in Seattle, Washington.  We are a 100% volunteer non-profit organization with no full time or part-time employees who receive compensation or a salary.  Revenue derived from membership fees and sponsorships is disbursed to cover organization expenses, member activities and support our charities.   As membership increases within each region, once there are a minimum of 15 individual V-Series owners who are active "regional" members within a local 100 mile radius, a Local Chapter will be chartered and launched.  From the local chapter membership, a Chapter Director will be selected and approved by the Board of Directors.  Local Chapters host quarterly meet 'n greet events plus an annual holiday banquet where a complimentary meal is provided at no cost to members who RSVP to attend these events.

Sponsor members are classified within 4 levels: Diamond, Platinum, Gold and Silver.  Any business may submit an application to sponsor the Cadillac V-Club subject to approval by the membership committee.  Typical sponsors include Cadillac dealers, performance and accessory shops but may also include other types of business where there is a mutually beneficial relationship. Platinum level sponsorships are restricted to Cadillac dealerships who inventory and sell V-Series vehicles.  The majority of our Platinum level Cadillac dealers have been certified by GM/Cadillac to sell and service V-Series vehicles.

The primary differentiation between a Local Chapter vs a Regional membership is local Chapters must have at least one local sponsoring Cadillac dealership and Local Chapters also have a Director who plans and schedules local events.  The Local Chapter Director is the focal point for the member and sponsor recruitment in their respective coverage area.  All other benefits are the same for both Local Chapter and Regional members.  Local Chapter and Regional members receive discounts from Cadillac V-Club sponsors and our Preferred Partners. All members receive "early" VIP invitations to all national special events such as Cadillac V-Performance Labs, Cadillac V-Performance Academy and Cadillac V-Corrals at IMSA racing events.


While our mission and vision is to promote networking and collaboration among our members and sponsors, our founding charter members mutually agreed they had a desire to select a few charitable non-profit organizations to support.  Since our inception, the Cadillac V-Club has donated over $15,000 to multiple charities including the Wounded Warriors Program (WWP), the Dennis Sehorn ALS Foundation and the Drive to Remember Alzheimer's Charity.   We will continue to support other charitable organizations throughout each year based on opportunities presented and approved by our Board of Directors.  Click here to learn more!

Benefits of membership include:

  • Your membership ID provides you free or discounted access to all Cadillac V-Club official sponsored or sanctioned events.  Your ID also is your proof of membership when purchasing products and services from our sponsors.  Each member has the option to download and print a pdf version of their membership ID card.

  • A custom manufactured premium quality Cadillac V-Club embroidered logo polo shirt.  Click on shirt image above to enlarge view. This is not a T-Shirt but a high quality custom polo shirt available only to members of the Cadillac V-Club. These shirts are shipped direct to you from CadillacCollection.com via Fed-X.  

  • Personal Cadillac Dealer Service & Sales Representatives assigned at Cadillac V-Club Platinum level sponsoring Cadillac dealerships.

  • Direct access to our members only V-Performance Forum. Our members use this forum to share their ownership experiences and receive assistance, tips and techniques from V-Club members and even GM/Cadillac headquarters representatives.

  • Cadillac V-Club Official Sponsors may optionally offer discounts off their products and services.  Displaying your member id card or providing your membership ID# to determine whether or not a discount is available.  Typical discounts range from 5-15% on parts and labor.

  • Cadillac V-Club Preferred Partners guarantee a minimum discount of 10% off their products and services and some offer up to 30% off the suggested retail price of their products.

  • Members only access to the Cadillac V-Club website where you will have access to:
    • Cadillac V-Club logo branded products, Member's Only V-Performance Forum, Member's Only Private Chat Room (GroupMe), Membership Directory
    • As a member you are authorized to upload photos to your own photo album for members to view on CadillacVClub.com.
  • Members only access to the CadillacCollection.com website where you will receive 15% discount on any products purchased as a member of the Cadillac V-Club. All active members may shop at CadillacCollection.com and you must enter your V-Club membership ID to before browsing the catalog to receive your discount.

  • Private VIP invitations to regularly scheduled "members only" Cadillac V-Club events at venues across the USA (View the calendar for history of events):
    • Quarterly local Chapter Meet 'N Greet or Cruise Events where a meal is provided
    • Annual Cadillac V-Club Holiday Dinner Celebration hosted by each active Chapter
    • Annual Cadillac V-Club Track day rentals at road racing and drag racing venues
    • Cadillac V-Performance Academy special group rate pricing (discount based on minimum of 10 participants)
    • Cadillac V-Performance Labs at selected venues as announced by Cadillac HQs
    • Cadillac V-Performance Corral special VIP privileges and early registration at selected IMSA racing events
  • You will also be supporting our Charities. Click here for more info.
You receive all of the above for the cost of your membership paid annually in advance!  If you attend an official sanctioned V-Club event and a meal is provided, under a "Chapter Level" Single or Family Membership the meal is no cost to you.  You may invite guests or your spouse to attend and when you RSVP you will be required to pay a nominal guest fee at the time of registration.  If you have a Family Membership, additional  immediate family members (limited to spouse and children under the age of 21) will also receive their meal at no additional cost however if you invite guests that are not family members, you must pay the fee for each guest in advance at the time you submit the RSVP registration form.

Membership is open to owners of the following Cadillac V-Series vehicles:
CTS-V, ATS-V, XLR-V, STS-V, CTS-V Sport, XTS-V Sport, CT4-V, CT5-V, CT6-V, including all Blackwing models and the Escalade-

If you would like to launch a local Chapter and are interested in a leadership position with the Cadillac V-Club, submit a Leadership Application form.