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“To provide Cadillac V-Series owners with opportunities to connect with Cadillac Headquarters and Dealers via an organized community of like-minded V-Performance enthusiasts who have a desire to take their ownership experience to the next level. Members of the Cadillac V-Club are committed to the Cadillac brand and frequently share their experiences as proud owners of a “V” at localized events.  The Cadillac V-Club will continue to build a network of V-Series owners that will serve as an effective channel for Cadillac to leverage in order to bring more "V-Performance" awareness in the marketplace at the grassroots level.”

V-Club, Inc. a Texas corporation was initially chartered and launched in February 2013 by Sewell Automotive Group and 22 Cadillac V-Series owners who were designated as Charter members of the Texas V-Club which operated as a dba of V-Club, Inc..  At the initial meeting the founding members elected a President, Mike Franks, Vice President, Jay Lane and Secretary/Treasurer, Stephen Hannah.  Full membership was restricted to residents of Texas while Affiliate memberships were open to non-Texas residents.  By year-end, the Texas V-Club membership eclipsed its goal of 100 active members and has continued to grow exponentially year to year surpassing 300 members in 2016.

The Cadillac V-Club offers multiple levels or "classes" of membership.  As non-sponsor members, prospective members can choose a "Regional" or a "Local Chapter" membership as long as a local chapter exists within 100 miles of their residency.  On May 1 of 2017 the Texas V-Club expanded as a national organization to include all V-Series owners regardless of their physical residence.  There are local Chapters only in Texas but as a national organization there are now 6 regions across the USA.  As membership increases within each region, once there are a minimum of 5 V-Series owners as active members within a local 50 mile radius, a Local Chapter will be chartered and launched.  From the local membership, a Chapter Director will be nominated and approved by the Board of Directors.

Sponsor members are classified within 3 levels: Platinum, Gold and Silver.  Any business may submit an application to sponsor the V-Club subject to approval by the membership committee.  Typical sponsors include Cadillac dealers, performance and accessory shops but may also include other types of business. The Platinum level sponsorship is restricted to Cadillac dealerships who inventory and sell V-Series vehicles.

The primary differentiation between a Local Chapter vs a Regional membership is that local Chapters typically have at least one sponsoring Cadillac dealership and the local Chapters have a Director who plans and schedules local events throughout each year.  The Local Chapter Director is the focal point for the membership and the sponsors in their area.  For example, in Texas each local Chapter has a meet ‘n greet event quarterly where they cruise to a restaurant and the meal for every member is paid for by the V-Club.  The V-Club covers 100% of the cost of any meals provided to members who RSVP to attend an event where a meal is provided.  This includes the annual V-Club holiday banquets for each Chapter.

Regional members of the V-Club may optionally attend any Local Chapter meet 'n greet event but the cost of their meal will not be covered.  In additional, if a Regional member attends a local Chapter event where the entry fee is covered by the V-Club, they will be required to pay the entry fee.  Regional members will receive "early" VIP invitations to all national events such as Cadillac V-Performance Labs, Cadillac V-Performance Academy and Cadillac V-Corrals at IMSA and PWC events.

The Cadillac V-Club currently has members in Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Arizona, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Missouri, Oklahoma, New York, New Jersey, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Virginia and Washington. 

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