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When You submit an application for membership, You will be prompted to "opt in" to receive text (SMS) messages to the mobile number you have provided in our records.  You may "opt out" at any time by updating your member profile.

By providing your informed consent where indicated, you acknowledge that you have understood the information below and agree to participate in our text (SMS) messaging service.

Purpose and Description: Cadillac V-Club's text (SMS) messaging service is designed to provide you with helpful information, reminders, and notifications via text messages sent to your mobile phone. We may use text (SMS) messages to communicate with you for a variety of purposes, including:

  • announcements and reminders of upcoming events
  • reminders about membership renewal
  • surveys and polls
  • annual general board meeting reminders
  • important "due dates" for actions required by a member

Voluntary Participation: Participation in our text (SMS) messaging service is entirely voluntary. You have the right to refuse or withdraw your consent at any time.

Benefits and Risks: Benefits: The text (SMS) messaging service aims to keep you informed about Cadillac V-Club by providing an additional method of convenient and timely communication.

Risks: While every effort will be made to protect the security and confidentiality of information transmitted through text (SMS) messages, there are inherent risks associated with all electronic communication. These risks include unauthorized access, loss of privacy, and potential breach of sensitive information. It is important to be aware that text (SMS) messages may not be entirely secure and could be intercepted or accessed by unintended recipients.

Potential Costs: Participation in the text (SMS) messaging service may involve standard text messaging charges applied by your mobile service provider. Please consult your mobile service provider regarding any applicable fees or charges.

Aniti-Spam Terms & Conditions

Cadillac V-Club certifies that We will use our website services only to send Messages (including, without limitation email communications and SMS text message) to Members that have expressly consented (opted-in) to receive them. Cadillac V-Club will not transmit unsolicited: text messages or email, junk email, or distribute bulk email (“Spam”). Cadillac V-Club does not buy or sell email or phone number lists, nor does Cadillac V-Club allow Members including our Sponsors to use our email or phone number lists.

You should only receive membership related or sponsor products and services emails and text messages sent through the services that you have agreed to receive as a member of Cadillac V-Club.  At any time a member can opt in or out to restrict the types of emails they receive:

  • Automatic event announcements to receive advance announcements about upcoming events
  • Mass emails from administrators, such as newsletters and other important notifications
  • V-Performance Forum Topic Subscription emails

Each email sent by Cadillac V-Club through via our website is required to contain a link that allows recipients to easily unsubscribe in an automated way from receiving future emails from Cadillac V-Club. To (opt out) from future SMS messages sent by Cadillac V-Club simply update your member profile. You also have the option to update your email preferences via your member profile to opt out from all email communications. However, please be aware that doing so will result in the complete deactivation of all emails that originate automatically from the Cadillac V-Club (whcih includes event announcements and membership renewal reminders).

Cadillac V-Club does not share individual personal information provided to with any third party unless it is involved with Cadillac V-Club in delivering the distribution of emails.

Contact Us

If you have any questions about our Returns and Refunds Policy, please contact us:

  • By visiting this page on our website: https://cadillacvclub.com

  • By phone number: 206.738.3744

  • By mail: 4730 University Way NE Ste-104 #2215 Seattle, WA 98105