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South Central Region Events

    • 02/16/2019
    • 7:00 AM - 12:00 PM
    • Fort Worth, Texas

    The parking lot opens at 7:00AM but and you do not have to arrive early as there is plenty of room in the Crystal Lot to park at Texas Motor Speedway even if you arrive at 8:00AM or even 9:00AM. Lots of good hot coffee and donuts and some awesome cars will be on display at this event.

    RSVP is required to attend this car meet as a V-Club member (or prospective member) since the V-Club will be cruising over to Ponder, Texas for lunch at 11AM at the legendary Ranchman's Cafe .  We will depart TMS promptly at 10:30 for the short 18 minute cruise to Ranchman's Cafe.  The cruise for lunch is optional so be sure to denote your preference when you submit your RSVP registration form via CadillacVClub.com.

    Ranchman's Cafe
    110 W. Bailey
    Ponder, TX 76259


    Menu selections include any burger or sandwich on the menu including fresh cut Idaho fries and a non-alcoholic beverage.   The steak burgers are ground on premises from steak cuts, cooked to order served on a toasted bun.


    If you drive north from Fort Worth along FM 156 towards Oklahoma, you will feel the peace and beauty of the real Texas. Traveling out of the “burbs”, you will begin to pass small Texas towns where farmers and ranchers still work the land and have mud on their boots. The road follows the railroad tracks that run all the way to the northern U.S. border. A few miles down the road, the small town of Ponder sits, and if you blink, you might miss it, so watch closely. Turn left on Bailey Street (the main street in Ponder), and you will see Ranchman’s Ponder Steakhouse. Be sure and stop and treat yourself to a chunk of Texas hospitality and some good old-fashioned Texas cooking.

    Ranchman’s has been a mainstay in North Texas for sixty-three years. The secret according to many out-of-state and foreign visitors could be that “Ranchman’s is as Texas as you can get”, explains the “Ranchman” himself, Dave Ross, the owner for the last eighteen years.

    • 02/24/2019
    • 10:00 AM - 7:00 PM
    • Ennis, Texas

    NOTICE: Competitor registration for this event will close on Friday, February 15 at midnight. No additional entries after that date unless a cancellation occurs.

    The Cadillac V-Club is again hosting our annual Cadillac V-Racing Invitational Shootout” drag race and roll race event at the world re-known 1/4 mile drag strip in Ennis Texas on Sunday, February 24, 2019.  This event is restricted to owners of Cadillac V-Series and V-Sport vehicles.  You are not required to be a member of the Cadillac V-Club to compete in this event as long as you own a Cadillac V.

    This is an "advance registration" event and no competitor entries will be accepted after Friday, February 15th at midnight.  The number of entries is limited to a maximum of 100 vehicles. For spectating, this is a public event and all non-V-Club member spectators will be required to pay a $10.00 entry fee at the gate or you may bring 2 cans of food per person and get in free!  All gate proceeds will be donated to Tarrant County Food Bank (TCFB). All canned food and/or monetary donations will be accepted and will directly benefit the TCFB. There will be a booth setup near the starting line.

    All V-Club Chapters including non-members of the V-Club who own a Cadillac V-Series vehicle are invited to participate in 5 hours of "open track unrestricted grudge or test 'n tune racing" before the bracket finals begin at 3:00PM. 

    Our title sponsor for this 5th annual event is Sewell Performance Group.  All vehicles (excluding sponsor vehicles) competing in this event are restricted to Cadillac V-Series or V-Sport vehicles. To compete in the bracket finals that begin at 3:00PM, you must own or compete in a Cadillac V-Series or V-Sport vehicle - no exceptions and that includes all "Top Eliminator and Top Gun" cash payout bracket finals.

    If you are a current V-Club member who plans to attend as a spectator, there is no spectator entry fee as long as you display your membership ID card at the gate.  All V-Club member guests and non-members of the V-Club must pay a spectator fee due at the gate at Texas Motorplex (unless you have purchased advanced spectator passes).

    Event Details

    V-Club Member Competitor Registration Fee: $50.00 (includes 1 pit crew member at no extra cost)
    Non-Member Competitor Registration Fee: $100.00 (includes 1 pit crew member at no extra cost)
    Optional Roll-Race "buy-in" Fee: $25.00 (due in advance at time of registration and you must have also paid the Competitor Registration fee as either a member or non-member of the V-Club)
    Non-Member Spectator Fee: $8.00 per person ADVANCE PURCHASE (children under 13 free) or $10.00 per person at the gate on day of event.

    NOTE:  No late registration at track allowed.  Refund of entry fees for cancellations allowed up until 24 hours prior to start time on date of event, no exceptions.  No refunds for "no shows".  Roll Racing competitors MUST also have registered and paid the drag racing competition fee and the roll racing "buy-in" fee.  No "roll racing only" entries allowed but you may pay the required competitor registration fee and opt out of competing in the drag race session if you only plan compete in the roll race session.

    Gates Open: 9:00AM
    Drivers Meeting: 9:30AM
    Track Hot: 10:00AM
    Lunch: 11:30AM
    Gates Close: 7:00PM


    Provided by Texas Motorplex concession stands. All competitors and sponsors will receive free meal coupons to cover the cost of a meal plus a non-alcoholic beverage value up to $15.00.

    Vehicle Classes - Revised 2/15/19
    There will be 6 Cadillac V "bracket finals" classes comprised of ATS-V and CTS-V models plus 2 (ATS-V & CTS-V) Top Gun "final eight" bracket finals and 1 Top Gun Roll Race bracket "buy-in" winner-take-all class limited to 32 entries.

    2 Semi-Stock classes are restricted to "bolt-ons" such as cold air intake, pulley swap, headers, downpipes, cat-backs, injectors, heat exchanger, interchiller, drag radials and a tune only (no internal engine mods such as cam, heads, no slicks, no weight reduction and no built engines or non-factory built engines). Methanol and Flex-Fuel (E-85) allowed BUT no vehicle in this class can fun faster than a 10.50 E/T. If so, you will be bumped into the Pro-Modified class.

    2 Pro-Modified classes include all modifications and is unrestricted. All power adder upgrades allowed: supercharger, turbos, nitrous, all fuel types including methanol injection; forged engines, heads, cam, transmission and engine swaps, slicks and any wheel/tire combo allowed. Weight reduction is also allowed.

    Cadillac V-Sport twin turbo, XLR-V, STS-V and Gen 1 non-modified CTS-V vehicles will compete in the ATS-V class.

    1 Shifter (manual) class includes all modifications and is unrestricted. All power adder upgrades allowed: supercharger, turbos, nitrous; internal mods, slicks, drag radials, transmission and engine swaps allowed.  All vehicles in the Shifter class can qualify to compete in the final 8 Top Gun Shifter finals. This includes ATS-V, CTS-V and Gen 1 modified CTS-V's.

    1 Roll Racing combined class includes all modifications and is unrestricted but any vehicle in this class MUST have also have competed in one of the above ATS-V or CTS-V drag racing classes.  All Roll Racing competitors must register and pay the "buy-in" entry fee in advance at time of registration.

    All competitors (drivers) will be required to sign two waivers, one from the Texas Motorplex and one from the Cadillac V-Club.  Helmets and pants are mandatory (no shorts).

    Any vehicle competing in the modified classes that run faster than 9.99 E/T SHOULD have at a minimum a roll bar/cage, a firesuit, fireproof gloves and shoes. However, since this is a private rental the NHRA rules will not be mandated and enforced.  Every competitor is REQUIRED to have SA2010 or newer certified helmet and your vehicle must pass a visual tech inspection at driver check-in when your racing number is assigned to your vehicle.

    WAIVER:  Click here to view the Cadillac V-Club waiver. Print and bring this with you to the event "signed" by anyone who will be driving your vehicle.

    All competitors and sponsors will receive a custom commemorative shirt as a gift for attending and supporting this event.

    In the event of rain or the temperature is below 50 degrees based on weather forecast, the event will be rescheduled to the alternative track date which is Sunday, March 24.


    Track will be fully prep'd extra VHT (PJ1) so expect excellent traction.  Unlimited passes on the track and wait times are expected to be minimal during the 5 hour open track session.

    Open Drag Racing Session: 10:00AM - 3:00PM
    You choose your grudge match or just line up and "hot lap".  Drag radials or slicks are recommended but street tires are allowed.  If we have a lot of vehicles with street tires, lane 2 will be designated for street tires or drag radials/slicks and lane 1 will be drag radials or slicks only.  During this session your best E/T will determine whether you make it to the final eight of each class of competition.

    LUNCH SERVED: 11:30AM - 1:30PM
    Open Drag Racing will continue while lunch is being served.


    A Cadillac V-Racing Champion will crowned from each class competing in the Drag Race Top Eight Eliminator class finals.  Each of the 4 ATS-V & CST-V Eliminator Class Champions will receive custom manufactured "steel" laser cut award plaques. A single Top Gun Champion will be crowned in the Unlimited, Shifter and the Roll Race finals and the champions will receive a cash payout plus an award plaque.

    The fastest overall top eight competitors from the 4 above classes will compete for the Cadillac V-Racing Top Gun Unlimited Class drag racing award and a cash prize of $1,000. The final two competitors will be given the option to split the cash award 60-40 or 70-30 during the driver's meeting prior to the final race. If the two competitors cannot agree on a split, then the award will be "winner take all".

    NOTE: There will be a 15 minute "cool down" period before the Top Gun final two drag race.  There is no cool down allowed during final 8 bracket competition. 

    The winner of the CTS-V cash payout for Roll Race TOP GUN will be based on number of competitors (limited to 32 maximum at $25 buy-in) for a total possible payout of $800).

    Drag Racing Top Gun Eliminator Finals: 3:00PM - 5:30PM

    1. ATS-V Semi-Stock Top Eliminator Final 8 - Award Plaque
    2. ATS-V Pro-Modified Top Eliminator Final 8 - Award $500 + Plaque
    3. CTS-V Semi-Stock Top Eliminator Final 8 - Award Plaque
    4. CTS-V Pro-Modified Top Eliminator Final 8 - Award $500 + Plaque
    5. V-Racing Pro Mod Unlimited Top Gun Final 8 - Award $1000  + Plaque
    6. V-Racing Shifter Unlimited Top Gun Final 8 - Award $500 + Plaque

    Both lanes 1 & 2 will be fully prep'd for drag radials/slicks for heads up competitive racing.  The session will include the Top 8 cars from each class in a single elimination bracket based on E/T time slips from the open drag race session. Cars will be placed in bracket based on E/T time slips "fastest vs slowest".  Any vehicle competing in one of the Top Gun classes (excluding the Roll Race Class) will not be allowed to also compete in an Eliminator class final.

    NOTE: Drivers are allowed to compete in only 1 class in the finals excluding the Roll Race class.  The 8 finalist in the Top Gun Unlimited class will include entries from both the ATS-V and CTS-V Pro-Modified class. Therefore, the ATS-V and CTS-V Pro-Modified Top Eliminator classes will include the next 8 fastest vehicles from that class.

    Cadillac V-Series Roll Racing Top Gun Finals: 5:30PM - 7:00PM

    This is an optional racing session for any class of Cadillac V-Series competitor in the drag race session who had pre-registered to compete and paid the $25.00 fee.  Single elimination roll racing bracket "buy-in, winner take all" limited to 32 competitors who RSVP and pay their buy-in fee at time of registration.

    First round pairings will be determined by a blind draw to be placed in the bracket. Winners will continue to advance to next round in bracket until the champion is crowned.

    NOTE: There is no cool down allowed during final 32 bracket competition for racing.  Proceed back to the starting line if you win your race.

    The left lane will always be designated as the pace vehicle.  Vehicles will be staged approximately 200 feet behind the starting line "tree" and will be traveling 30-40MPH when they enter the launch pad.  Both vehicles MUST remain side by side within one half car length and the "tree" will go green. It is up to the chase car to keep up with the pace car - no restarts for any reason!


    DIRECTIONS: http://texasmotorplex.com/motorplex-info/travel-directions/

    Built in 1986, The Texas Motorplex has been the place of many drag racing milestones and world record performances. Ever since Darrell Gwynn christened the first all-concrete, quarter-mile, national records and speed milestones have been commonplace at Texas Motorplex.

    The Texas Motorplex is a favorite of drivers for the all-concrete race surface and ideal weather conditions, NHRA national events at Texas Motorplex commonly yield national records. Season championship titles are commonly clinched here and race fans get a great speed show!




    • 03/02/2019
    • 10:30 AM - 1:00 PM
    • San Antonio, Texas
    • 40

    The San Antonio Chapter of the Cadillac V-Club will meet at Ken Batchelor Cadillac in San Antonio at 10:00AM on Saturday, March 2 for a 44 mile cruise to New Braunfels, Texas.  We will depart KBC promptly at 10:30AM and will have lunch at Black's BBQ at 11:30AM.  Optionally you can meet at the restaurant if you are unable to join the cruise.

    Meals and a non-alchoholic beverage are provided compliments of the Cadillac V-Club to all members and prospective members.  Guests are welcome to attend for a nominal guest fee due at the time you submit your RSVP registration form.  RSVP registration is required to attend this event as we have limited space available.  Prospective members of the V-Club are encouraged to join us to meet our local members and learn more about our organization


    Texas is known all around the world for its great barbecue. Whether you live here or are just visiting, you’re probably searching for the best place to find authentic, Texas style BBQ in New Braunfels, TX. There are certainly plenty of options out there, but nothing can compare to Black’s Barbecue.

    Black’s was opened in 1932 in Lockhart, and quickly made a name for itself due to its delicious food. People from all over Texas flocked to the original restaurant in search of amazing barbecue. Today, they still use the same recipes and techniques that made us so famous in 1932.

    Black’s is the number one destination for BBQ in New Braunfels, TX. They have a great menu full of delicious meats including brisket, sausage, ribs, pork, and more! We also have all the classic barbecue sides you know and love such as potato salad and coleslaw.

    936 TX-337 Loop
    New Braunfels, TX 78130

    • 03/02/2019
    • 11:30 AM - 2:00 PM
    • Houston, Texas
    • 37

    Join the Houston Chapter of the Cadillac V-Club for our March Meet 'N Greet event at Pluckers Wing Bar on Saturday, March 2 from 11:30AM to 2:00PM.  Lunch will be served promptly at 12:00PM.  We have pre-selected a menu for you and have a private area (called the Coup) reserved in the restaurant. Your meal will be provided compliments of the Cadillac V-Club.

    All V-Club members may bring guests however a nominal guest fee will be charged at the time of your RSVP registration for members with a Single Membership. Members with a Family Membership and Sponsors will not be charged a guest fee.  If you are a prospective member of the V-Club, you are welcome to join us as a guest but you must RSVP and pay a guest fee.

    Please plan to arrive by 11:30AM to secure your parking spot. Pluckers will block off some space so we can park together.


    Pluckers Wing Bar
    10407 I-10 Katy Fwy (Memorial City)
    Houston, TX 77024
    (713) 465-9464

    You must RSVP to attend this event by registering via the CadillacVClub.com website.  Limited space available.  If you RSVP and then your plans change, please be sure to cancel your registration.

    • 03/15/2019
    • 03/16/2019
    • Sebring, Florida

    Storied past. Powerful present. Exhilarating future. Get ready to experience all three by joining us at the Cadillac V-Performance Car Corral during the 12 Hours of Sebring at Sebring International Raceway.

    Your exclusive three-day Cadillac V-Performance Racing experience includes:
    • One (1) on-site parking pass to the Cadillac V-Performance Car Corral. Access limited to Cadillac vehicles only.
    • Two (2) three-day admission tickets to the Cadillac V-Performance Hospitality Suite with indoor/outdoor seating and views of the entire circuit.
    • Catered meals, snacks and beverages in the Cadillac V-Performance Hospitality Suite.
    • Exclusive team, driver and paddock access with the Cadillac Racing teams.
    • Meet and greet opportunities with Cadillac executives and V-Performance engineers.
    • Double header race week-end featuring two Sports car Endurance races, the 12 Hours of Sebring and the FIA WEC 1000 Miles of Sebring.



    Visit CadillacVSeriesRacing.com to purchase your ticket package.

    PRICE $300*
    Space is limited. Tickets must be purchased by March 13, 2019.  Please allow up to 3 business days prior to the event for delivery via Fed-X.
    *Participants are responsible for personal travel and lodging costs. This is an invitation only event. Offer valid through 3/13/2019 or while supplies last. Offer is non-refundable, non-transferable and non-redeemable for cash. Limit one per person.  Approximate retail value $500.

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