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  • 2024 SHIFT-S3CTOR South Texas Airstrip Attack

2024 SHIFT-S3CTOR South Texas Airstrip Attack

  • 04/13/2024
  • 8:00 AM
  • 04/14/2024
  • 6:00 PM
  • Hondo, Texas


  • You plan to attend this event as a V-Club member competitor and understand you must register and submit payment via the AirstripAttack.com website once registration opens. RSVP required before Monday, April 8, 2024 and you will not be confirmed as a competitor until you have submitted payment for either 1 or 2 days.
  • You plan to attend as a spectator and are a member of the Cadillac V-Club. You understand that spectator tickets will be provided to you via email prior to the date of the event but you must RSVP register and indicate how many guests will be attending with you. RSVP required before Monday, April 8, 2024


2-Days of land speed competition with speed recorded, side by side racing! Unlimited spectator entries allowed.

Drivers must register and submit payment via the Shift S3ctor website.  Check out this promotional video from a previous South Texas Airstrip Attack event. 

The Cadillac V-Club has returned as a Gold level sponsor of this event.  Please join us for 2 FULL DAYS of, side-by-side, HALF MILE racing at this exclusive location. All registered drivers who have paid the entry fee will be given a chance to take their vehicle’s top speed down the runway and race door-to-door against the competitor of their choice! 

  • Big runway!  6200 feet of runway
  • Drivers and team dinner Saturday evening hosted by Shift S3ctor 

South Texas Regional Airport
700 Vandenberg Rd
Hondo, Texas 78861

You may arrive at the airport on Friday between 9AM and 3PM to park your RV's, trailers and setup your pit area but you MAY NOT remain in the airport overnight. NO OVERNIGHT CAMPING IS ALLOWED.  The Cadillac V-Club will have a reserved parking area for all members registered to compete in the event.  Look for our canopy.

All Cadillac V-Club members who RSVP register as a driver or spectator are invited to join a members group dinner on Saturday evening.   

You must RSVP register as a member of the Cadillac V-Club to confirm your attendance and via email you will receive a 10% discount code to be redeemed via the Shift S3ctor website off your driver entry fee.  You will receive your discount code via email after you RSVP register via CadillacVclub.com.  In addition, all members who RSVP register will receive:

  1. Free spectator tickets for the week-end ($25 value)
  2. Option to attend our members group dinner on Saturday evening compliments of the Cadillac V-Club ($25 value)
  3. Free "ride-a-longs" to members who attend as spectators but you must bring a helmet and sign a waiver at the event.  ($50 value)


  • AWD by CSF Cooling: Four Wheel Drivetrain
  • 2WD by Ignite Racing Fuel: Front Wheel or Rear Wheel Drivetrain
  • Manual by Forgeline: Manual transmissions and clutch, no sequential transmissions. No limitation on number of gears (i.e. 7-Speed manual is OK).  
  • German Car presented by CSF Cooling: Any German vehicle with factory German-based powerplant, no modification restrictions.
  • Naturally Aspirated by Kuttek: Naturally aspirated motors only. No power-adders permitted (turbochargers, superchargers, nitrous, electric motors).
  • Ethanol class presented by Indiana Corn Marketing Council:  Vehicle must be using Ethanol or a blend.
  • Sedan by Pacific Sun Financial: Vehicles with at least four doors. Wagons and SUV’s permitted so long as they have a minimum of four doors

Vehicles can register for the trophy competition or open runs. Registration type and class must be selected at the time of online registration, or on-site before racing begins that day.

All drivers registered in the trophy competition will be competing in a race shootout on their respective registered day(s).

Qualifying: Drivers may do as many passes as possible from 9:00 AM-1:00 PM.  At 1:00 PM the top four (4) qualifying vehicles in each class will move on to the Semi Finals.

Semi Finals: The top four (4) qualifying vehicles in each class may do as many passes as possible between 1:00 PM-3:00 PM. A minimum of one pass must be made between 1:00 PM and 3:00 PM to potentially move on to the next round.  At 3:00 PM the top two (2) qualifying vehicles move on to the Finals.

Finals: The top two (2) Semi Final vehicles will report to grid at 4:00 PM for the final run. The final run of each day will determine 1st and 2nd place for each class. Both vehicles will line up and run at the same time, with the fastest trap speed on that pass taking 1st place, and the other taking 2nd place. There will be no reruns

Both 1st and 2nd place drivers are required to be physically present at the trophy ceremony to collect their trophy once racing ends each day.

Trap speeds for each round will only apply to that specific round. Trap speeds from previous rounds or speeds ran outside of the competition time frame will not count toward the competition.

If a registered vehicle does not advance to the next round, it can still make open runs until racing ends each day, but will not qualify for a trophy.

Trap speeds for the race shootout will only apply to that day. Trap speeds set in runs on Saturday will not count for Sunday’s race shootout.

Drivers may only enter one class at a time. A driver cannot register a vehicle in multiple classes per day.

Any competitor may request for race officials to inspect any competitor car to check the validity of the vehicle and the class entered at any time before trophies have been presented, whichever occurs first. Requests after this time will not be accommodated.

Drivers may change classes between Saturday and Sunday.  (For example, a Mitsubishi Evo can race in the Sedan class on Saturday and decide to race in AWD on Sunday as long as these changes are in place before the first race occurs on Sunday morning).


Driver Entry Fee: $300 1 day, $550 for 2 days

Spectator Entry Fee: $25 per day at the gate per person, $20 per day per person pre-purchased via website ($35 for 2 days pre-purchased) - All V-Club members who RSVP register as a spectator will receive free admission.

Vehicle & Driver Registration
Entry into Trophy Competition
2 Spectator “Crew” Passes for the days registered
Event T-Shirt


Hondo Inn (previously Best Western)
301 US-90 E
Hondo, TX 78861
(830) 426-4466

Call & mention code “Airstrip Attack” for your discounted rate

Hillside Boutique Hotel
1651 US Hwy 90 West
Castroville, TX 78009
(830) 426-3200

Call and mention “Airstrip Attack” for your discounted rate. 

Venatura “Paloma Pachanga” and “Two Creeks Ranch” Properties
(210) 865-1423

Call & mention code “Airstrip Attack” for your discounted rate