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This page includes news "common" to the V-Club and is not "region" specific.  News that is deemed to be of interest to all members of the V-Club regardless of where they are physically located is published here.
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  • 08/19/2013 4:27 PM | Anonymous
    If you missed the live broadcast, click on the following link to watch the reply.. some great racing by the Cadillac Racing team, Johnny O'Connell and Andy Pilgram.
  • 08/16/2013 2:44 PM | Anonymous

    TV Broadcast this week-end.  Cadillac Racings' Johnny O'Connell continue his battle for the GT Driver's Championship... you can catch the action on Sunday at 2PM!  Click on flyer image below for more details.

  • 06/04/2013 3:02 PM | Anonymous
    At Texas Motor Speedway, an Indy car's average speed per lap is 215 mph due to the 24 degree banking in the corners. Sport Science examines the g-force that can put on the human body.

    Saturday June 8, 2013 is the date!   The V-Club will be there... join us!  Don't forget the pre-race activities and the drag race exhibitions which start at 4:30PM.
  • 05/16/2013 1:26 PM | Anonymous

    As hosts of the Cadillac Racing team, 19 of the Texas V-Club Members are headed to Austin Texas to participate in the Pirelli World Challenge event at the Circuit of the Americas venue May 18-19.  The DFW V-Club caravan will be leaving from Sewell Cadillac in Dallas at 11:00AM on Friday, May 17. There will also be caravan's leaving from Sewell Cadillac in Houston and Ken Batchelor Cadillac in San Antonio.

    The schedule is packed with activities for full two days and on Saturday evening the V-Club will be hosting a Texas style dinner in Lockhart, Texas at the world famous Kreuz BBQ restaurant.  Happy Hour begins at 6PM on Friday at the Hilton Hotel near the airport and the COTA venue.

    To view the schedule of events for Saturday and Sunday, click here .
  • 05/02/2013 6:16 AM | Anonymous

    Why does Cadillac race? Simple. In today's luxury performance market you either lead, hibernate or migrate. Cadillac has chosen to lead. The CTS-V Coupe, Sedan and Wagon are the World's Fastest Family of cars, making Cadillac the New Standard of the World. As a leader in this competitive market we are not afraid to put our product, and reputation, on the starting line to do battle with some of the world's top brands for that race to the finish line.

    Cadillac Racing is proud to host the Texas V-Club at the Circuit of the Americas track in Austin Texas to cheer on Johnny O'Donnell and Andy Pilgram as they defend their 2012 World Challenge GT Championship and race towards a repeat for 2013.

    Each V-Club attendee will receive:

    • One exclusive onsite parking pass to the Cadillac V-Series Corral. Permitted to V-Series vehicles only. Guests arriving in vehicles other than a Cadillac V-Series will not be allowed to park at the V-Series Corral
    • Two Admission Tickets to watch the race from the V-Series Corral
    • Catered food and beverage including continental breakfast, lunch, and snacks in the Cadillac V-Series Corral tent
    • Special meet and greet with Cadillac Racing drivers Johnny O'Connell and Andy Pilgrim
    • Guided tour of the Cadillac Paddock to meet Team Cadillac engineers and mechanics

  • 03/25/2013 9:49 AM | Anonymous

    The Sewell/Ken Batchelor Cadillac V-Club was well represented at the Texas Mile with 5 V-Club members entered to compete in the event.  Chris Brown, Jay Lane, Mark Marquardt, Mike Franks and Stephen Hannah each completed runs on Friday, Saturday and Sunday under different weather conditions each day.  The best results were achieved on Sunday as the temperature and humidity dropped.  With a brisk tail wind, the V-Club members posted the following MPH:

     1/2 Mile
     1 Mile
    Mark Marquardt
     160.0  196.0
    Stephen Hannah
     163.3  192.1
    Mike Franks
     159.4  191.7
    Chris Brown
     154.1  182.9
    Jay Lane
     143.7  169.0

    A total of 15 CTS-V owners competed in the event and there were an additional 20 CTS-V owners attending as spectators.  Overall, an outstanding representative of V's at the event and it was also great to see the Sewell Cadillac and Ken Batchelor dealership staff at the event.

    Congratulations to South Region V-Club member Mark Marquardt for posting the 2nd fastest MPH which was just .2 slower than the new record holder Joey Tamburin who posted up a 196.2 MPH run in his 2011 V-Coupe.  Joey's V Coupe set the new record without Nitrous, Meth or E-85 which is very impressive!

  • 03/20/2013 9:43 AM | Anonymous

    2013 Racing Season Kicks Off, V-Series Performance, and More.



    See the 2013 Race Schedule


    The 2012 World Challenge GT-class Manufacturer's and Driver's championship titles are locked in the trophy case. The intense off-season testing is now complete. Welcome to the start of the 2013 Cadillac Racing season. Join us on March 22 as we begin this season's battle to top our monumental success of last year.

    See the 2013 Race Schedule


    With a 556 HP supercharged V-8 engine under the hood, powerful Brembo® brakes, an extremely dynamic chassis, and 0–60 MPH in
    as little as 3.9 seconds, the V-Series gives you the thrill of a race car every day. Experience the world's fastest family of production cars.

    Learn More

    Learn More


    Last season, we took notice of CTS-V enthusiasts and rewarded
    one super fan with the experience of a lifetime at our V-Series Performance Lab.

    Watch the Video

    Watch the Video


    Stay up to speed with the latest Cadillac Racing highlights and images. Follow Cadillac on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and YouTube.

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  • 03/07/2013 6:49 AM | Anonymous

    General Motors has added another high-speed education course to the curriculum at the Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. The desert track already hosts the Ron Fellows High Performance Driving School with Corvettes, including the ZR1, and they have recently added the Cadillac V-Series Academy.  Click here for more info.

    The Texas V-Club has negotiated a discounted rate for a group of 5 or more drivers who are interested in attending one of the upcoming sessions.  Here's some documents that describe the content and provide the schedule.  A formal announcement will be sent soon to all V-Club members which will include more information on actual cost of the trip which will include lodging in one of the beautiful condos at Spring Mountain Motorsports Ranch.

    You will not want to miss out on this experience behind the wheel of a CTS-V on one of the best road racing tracks in the country located just outside of Las Vegas in Pahrump, Nevada.  Group size is limited to 14 and we are planning on a May trip for the 1 day experience.

    You will learn first hand how to manage control and push the V to its limits  from a professional instructor and you don't even have to provide your own CTS-V!  Be sure to click on the READ MORE link below and watch the video.

    Class Schedule.pdf

    One Day Class Curriculum


  • 02/25/2013 8:12 PM | Anonymous

    The first official meeting of the Texas V-Club was held at the Via Real restaurant in Las Colinas, Texas on Monday, February 18.  The purpose of the meeting was to gauge interest in the formation of a club and to elect the Officers.  Our mission statement is simple... to provide a forum for like minded V owners to "meet and greet" monthly at pre-arranged venues and a channel by which the members of the club can easily communicate and collaborate with each other on topics of interest to Cadillac V owners.

    Mike Franks was elected President, Jeremy Morrison Vice President North Region leading the DFW Chapter, Stephen Hannah VP & Treasurer and Jay Lane will serve as VP & Secretary.   These V-Series owners will serve as Officers and Board Members.

    In attendance at the meeting were:












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