Cadillac Blackwing Badging

02/17/2023 8:20 AM | Gene Hawks

Cadillac announced in 2022 that all Cadillac V-Series owners of a Blackwing model will receive free of charge one of the new Blackwing badges. For those of us who own either a CT4-V or CT5-V Blackwings this was well received news!

Based on input from Cadillac V-Club member surveys shared with Cadillac headquarters, the Cadillac Marketing team announced last fall that 2023 models and beyond will incorporate a new Blackwing badge on the rear of the car. Cadillac has also announced that those owners with 2022 and early 2023's V-Series Blackwings will be provided the new badges at no charge.

Click here to order your Blackwing badge.  This offer is available only through the end of March, 2023.  Only owners of CT4-V Blackwing and CT5-V Blackwing vehicles are eligible for this offer.  Limit one badge per VIN#.  As Cadillac receives customer order information, the VIN# they provide will be matched to their name and vehicle to ensure eligibility.