Toronto Chapter Launched - First in Canada

07/29/2023 11:44 AM | Anonymous

Effective immediately the Cadillac V-Club has launched our first chapter in the great country of Canada! There is a strong V-Series and Cadillac presence there and we are pleased to officially charter a local chapter based in the great city of Toronto!

Mike Roderickson has been appointed as the Director of the Toronto Chapter. Mike hails from Mississauga Ontario Canada. Mike has many hobbies and tries to keep an active lifestyle with sports such as volleyball, hockey, golf and his favorite sport men’s league fastball. Mike says he tried out for the MLB a couple of times and while he didn’t make it he got the Caddy anyway:) Mike is a landscaper by trade whose work includes anything and everything to make landscaping dreams come true. As a treat to himself and for his 40th birthday he specially ordered his 2021 CT5-V AWD as his daily driver. Mike's V has racked up 70,000km already with 50,000 of them in track mode!

Mike has always been fascinated with Cadillac’s since he was young with the big Coupe De Ville’s floating along and then in his 20s when the first V’s showed up. Mike say's he couldn't be happier with the V and when he is not landscaping he's going for scenic drives in the natures paradise where he lives in Ontario as well as cruising downtown Toronto for some of those late night views of the city lights. Track days are one of Mike favorite activities to during the summer with long road course's, drag strips, and of course private airstrip events.

Mike has big plans for the Toronto Chapter and already on working hard for the members to enjoy what our prestigious club has to offer!