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  • 03/02/2022 10:43 AM | Anonymous

    Andre Leighton, our official photographer has uploaded all of his photos which are now available to view. You can purchase a single photo or a group of photos.  VIEW GALLERY 

    The fastest pass of the day amongst all vehicles was made by Nick Fosnaugh in his 2018 Mustang with a 7.87 E/T.

    All class champions received a jacket like this one modeled by Mikhael Morris, the co-owner of the 1st and 2nd place Cadillac V's in the Cadillac V8 Pro Street class.

    Here's the list of Champions and Runner-Ups by class:

    Extreme Street
    Champion: Charles Wilson - 2017 Ford Mustang
    Runner-Up: Chris Baily - 2018 Dodge Challenger Demon

    Cadillac V8 Pro Street
    Champion: Steve Morris - 2013 CTS-V Sedan
    Runner-Up: Rick Crawford - 2013 CTS-V Sedan

    Cadillac V8 Street Racer 9.50
    Champion: James Corona - 2011 CTS-V Wagon
    Runner-Up: Garrett Glaze - 2011 CTS-V Coupe

    Cadillac V8 Daily Driver 10.50
    Champion: Ben Beaird -2012 CTS-V Wagon
    Runner-Up: Devin Eastep - 2016 CTS-V Sedan

    Cadillac V6 Pro Street
    Ted Knisely - 2016 ATS-V Sedan
    Jason Wray - 2017 ATS-V Sedan

    Cadillac C6 Street Racer 10.0
    Jason Wray - 2017 ATS-V Sedan
    Heather Swihart - 2016 ATS-V Coupe *9.983 breakout

    Cadillac V6 Daily Driver 11.0
    Robert Steffner -2014 CTS-V Sport
    Eric Daily - 2017 ATS-V Coupe

    Cadillac True Street 11.0
    Corey Wells - 2022 Cadillac CT5-V Blackwing
    Michael Jenkins - 2014 CTS-V Coupe

    The livestream was recorded and is available for viewing via this page: https://cadillacvclub.com/livestream

  • 03/03/2020 8:00 AM | Anonymous

    TIP: Watch the video on Youtube in full screen mode

    Our 4th annual event is in the books and the results are now available for viewing. A huge thank you to all who attended and supported this event, especially our sponsors.  Each year our goal is to make this event more enjoyable for the competitors and spectators.  We listen to participant feedback and we are learning more each year based on our experiences at the track.

    Texas Motorplex and the track staff once again exceeded our expectations for track preparation and logistics and we sincerely appreciate their hard work and commitment to the success of the event.  It was a beautiful partly cloudy day in Texas with the temperature in the mid 70's.

    The date for our 5th annual event has been locked in for Saturday, February 27, 2021 at Texas Motorplex in Ennis, Texas.  We have some changes in mind for the classes that should help make the event run smoother and eliminate the need for hot lapping during the finals. 

    To view a list of each class "top 8" seeding in the finals brackets click on the name of the class listed below. Here's your class champions:

    Frankenstein Engine Dynamics Extreme Unlimited "All Out" Class - Justin White

    Dedicated Motorsports CTS-V Pro Mod 8.5 Index Class - Justin White

    Circle D Specialties CTS-V Street Racer 9.5 Index Class - Justin Searcy

    Boost Mode Racing CTS-V Daily Driver 10.5 Index Class - Larry Johnson

    Tapout Tuning ATS-V Pro Mod 10.0 Index Class - Michael Franks

    Weapon X Motorsports ATS-V Street Racer 11.0 Index Class - Brian Chrestoff

    Diesel Dynamics ATS-V Daily Driver 12.0 Index Class - Zach Styacich

    Monster Clutch Co - V-Series Stick Shifter Class - Dan Baker

    HyPerformance Xperts - Roll Racer Unlimited Class - Justin White

    To view a list of all competitor qualifier times and trap speeds, click here.  All competitors regardless of class are ranked fastest to slowest.  The top 8 E/T's in each class qualified for the finals.

    V-Club member John Hennes took some fantastic photos of the event and uploaded them to his Facebook page.  Click here to view (you must be logged into your Facebook account to view the photos).  Andre Leighton of ASL Photography is our official V-Club photographer who also took photos and has uploaded them to his website.  You can download the entire gallery for your personal use for only $60.00 or $5.00 for a single photo. Click here to view. The password is TMP2020. 

    NOTE: Some competitors elected to not compete in the finals due to vehicle issues or the fact they needed to depart before the finals.

  • 03/22/2019 6:47 PM | Anonymous

    In the last couple of years Cadillac V-Club member Beverly has shown a level of ambition that only a select few have been able to compete with. In 2018 she won the Cadillac V-Racing Invitational Shootout "Top Gun" championship at Texas Motorplex and in 2019 Beverly was runner-up in the Pro-modified Unlimited Class.

    Last week at the annual TX2K event in Houston, Beverly portrayed this dominating trait yet again, and this time added a purple twist to her 2014 CTS-V, also known as SHEGONE. Beverly's CTS-V Coupe was built and tuned by Matt Owens of Dedicated Motorsports in Weatherford, Texas.

    The V-Coupe has a Kong Performance ported blower and air intake, ported heads, cam, aftermarket exhaust system, 1700 Injector Dynamics fuel injectors, upper and lower pulley, ice tank to cool the blower air charge, LSR block, Driveshaft Shop axles, and driveshaft. The car weighs in at 4230-pounds with the factory seats removed with a race seat replacing the heavy drivers unit.

    In the Street Car class she took out a 800 hp 2012 Corvette in the final eliminations with a .388 reaction time at the tree and a 9.369 ET. She also completed a new personal best ET of 9.29 during the weekend. Being a female in a predominantly male environment shows that this lady is confident, and a true force to be reckoned with. We look forward to seeing more of Beverly and her stunning purple V2 throughout our future events of 2019 with the Cadillac V-Club.

    Beverly took home two trophies from TX2K19 as she was also runner-up in the Heavyweight class by taking on an Charger Hellcat  driven by Zdung Ho. The crowd was pulling hard for the Caddy, but it was not meant to be. Ho’s Hellcat got away first and just kept on pulling, taking the win with a 9.21 to Feaster’s 9.38.

    Congratulations Beverly, well deserved, and a true example of what Cadillac is known for….being the standard of the world and demonstrating V-Performance dominance. 


  • 02/25/2018 9:05 PM | Anonymous
    The Inaugural Cadillac V-Racing Shootout is now history with 48 V-owners competing in 4 different drag racing classes.  The weather was mostly sunny with the temperature in the mid 60's and the staff at Texas Motorplex delivered as promised by prep'ing the track for excellent traction after a solid week of rain.

    Congratulations to Beverly Feaster of Austin, Texas whose 9.68 E/T in her Dedicated Motorsports built CTS-V Coupe was the fastest overall for the event. In the CTS-V Modified Class finals she ran a 9.768 and matched up against Antwaine Hobbs of Round Rock, Texas who ran a 9.765 E/T but "red lighted".  Beverly claimed the CTS-V Modified Top Gun Award and $500 cash. 

    In the ATS-V Modified Class, Kenneth Raby's 11.28 E/T was the fastest of the day and Kenneth matched up against Thomas Shelton of Houston in the finals.  Kenneth claimed the ATS-V Modified Top Gun Award and $500 cash.

    In the CTS-V Stock class, the Top Gun Award went to Mark Gray with a 12.06 E/T who edged out Chad Doerr's 11.96 E/T.  In the ATS-V Stock class Top Gun Award went to Jim Cappiello with a 12.00 E/T who edged out Lynn Hayes 12.31 E/T.  Both Mark Gray and Jim Cappiello received a 1 year extension of their V-Club membership as their prize valued at $150 each.

    Only 12 drivers opt'd in for the Unlimited Roll Race Class where the drivers were paired by a blind draw until the finals. Once again, Beverly Feaster's CTS-V came out on top driven by Matt Owen who defeated James Corona of San Antonio in the finals.  Chase Blackson finished 3rd in his Frankenstein Engineering built CTS-V Coupe.

    First name Last name Competition Class Best E/T  Comment
    Kenneth Raby ATS-V Modified 11.28  Winner
    Thomas Shelton ATS-V Modified 11.44  
    Dustin Callaway ATS-V Modified 11.45  
    Jon Sullivan ATS-V Modified 11.57  
    Dan Whiffin ATS-V Modified 11.62  
    Jim Cappiello ATS-V Stock 12.00  Winner
    Rodney McNeal ATS-V Stock 12.05  Opt'd Out
    Lynn Hayes ATS-V Stock 12.31  
    Crede Young ATS-V Stock 12.41  
    Camner Rubin ATS-V Stock 12.67  
    Trey  Krause ATS-V Stock 13.01  
    Vernetta Dean ATS-V Stock 13.06  
    Quentin Whiteman ATS-V Stock 13.07  V-Sport
    Derek O'Dell ATS-V Stock 13.47  
    Beverly Feaster CTS-V Modified 9.68  Winner
    Antwaine Hobbs CTS-V Modified 9.70  
    Mike Franks CTS-V Modified 10.02  
    David Wiese CTS-V Modified 10.18  
    Wes Coleman CTS-V Modified 10.29  
    James Corona CTS-V Modified 10.43  
    Tim Elliot CTS-V Modified 10.48  
    Andrew Tallman CTS-V Modified 10.53  
    Steven Echandy CTS-V Modified 10.75  
    Lee Bartlett CTS-V Modified 10.79  
    Chase Blackson CTS-V Modified 10.79  
    Justin Searcy CTS-V Modified 10.86  
    Susan Robinson CTS-V Modified 10.87  
    Tommy Nguyen CTS-V Modified 10.91  
    Jason Henry CTS-V Modified 10.96  
    Joan Porter CTS-V Modified 10.99  
    Larry Johnson CTS-V Modified 10.99  
    Clay Young CTS-V Modified 11.02  
    Daniel Lam CTS-V Modified 11.08  
    Rick Knetsch CTS-V Modified 11.22  DNF
    Robert Bernal CTS-V Modified 12.05  
    Sam Silva CTS-V Modified 12.16  
    Joe Dean CTS-V Modified 12.28  
    Travis Ellis CTS-V Modified 12.57  
    Dan Baker CTS-V Modified 0.00  DNF
    Michael Delaney CTS-V Stock 11.14  Opt'd Out
    Chad Doerr CTS-V Stock 11.96  
    Mark Gray CTS-V Stock 12.06  Winner
    Sean O'Rourke CTS-V Stock 12.10  
    Robert Haiman CTS-V Stock 12.26  
    Bill Alstrin CTS-V Stock 12.35  
    Gary Mashigian CTS-V Stock 12.39  
    Kyle Coons CTS-V Stock 12.77  
  • 08/28/2017 10:16 AM | Anonymous

    Xtreme Raceway Park

    Located in Ferris, Texas about 20 minutes south of Dallas in Trumbull Texas right off I-45.  1/8th mile track.  Scheduled to open in Fall of 2017 or Spring of 2018 at the latest.

    More details on Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/pg/xtremeracewaypark