Cadillac V-Club Chapter Director Announcements

05/09/2022 3:30 PM | Anonymous

In conjunction with today's announcement of the new Cadillac V-Club Officers and Directors, the following Chapter Director appointments are effective immediately.

SEAPORT Chapter (Seattle/Portland) - Robert (Rob) Milligan has been selected and approved by the Officers/Directors of the Cadillac V-Club as the new Chapter Director replacing Gene Hawks.
Rob resides in Issaquah, Washington just east of Seattle. Rob and wife Nina purchased their 2016 ATS-V 6-speed in 2021 and quickly fell in love with V's and the Cadillac brand. This was after driving the family van for a dozen years, patiently waiting for the kids to move out and begin the search for the right "fun" car. He found it, and the personalized Washington license plate he ordered is "V-FUN".

Rob has been fascinated with automobiles since youth. This began when he was a hired Porsche chauffeur at 18, then owned a string of BMW's. He was sure he'd be driving a Porsche or Corvette by now and the thought of a comfortable four-door luxury sedan that went 0-60 is 3.8 seconds never crossed his mind. He has enjoyed tracking this ATS-V, which came with mods including RENICK engine air intake and a TRIFECTA tune. While tracking, at the same time he's caring for it like a baby.

Rob will be planning and scheduling Seattle/Portland events and is looking forward to the continued expansion of the V-Club in the Pacific Northwest Region.

SOCAL Los Angeles Chapter - Richard (Rich) Cuellar and his 2 sons own and have operated a motorcycle rim manufacturing company in Southern California for the last 30 years. 

Rich currently resides in Pomona, California and drives a 2014 CTS-V Coupe.  After college Rich held the position of sales Engineer with a company that manufactures aerospace parts.  Previously he was a member of the 163rd fighter squadron, Ontario airport California for 7 years where they flew 106 delta daggers and F4C Phantoms from 1966-1973.

Rich had the opportunity to race motorcycles, cars and drag boats and he currently owns and races his CTS-V Coupe which he has owned for the past 8 years.  Even with a lot of performance improvements and chasis updates, it remain a very dependable daily driver. His passiion is to drive the canyons, compete in straight line racing events in addition to closed circuit road racing venues.

With the recent decision of the V-Club board to split the SOCAL membership into two Chapters: San Diego and Los Angeles, Rich is excited about the opportunity to plan and schedule events that will look forward to attending. 

Watch the Cadillac V-Club official event calendar for an upcoming activity to be published soon for each of these chapters.  Congratulations to each of these V-Club members in their new leadership role!


  • 05/10/2022 1:00 AM | Eric Anderson
    Congratulations to the new Chapters, and Chapter Leaders! @Rich I look forward to working with you on Southwest Regional events. :)
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